L. Michael Gipson as captured by Kenneth Anderson of the KenEx Experience.

L. Michael Gipson as captured by Kenneth Anderson of The KenEx Experience.

You have reached the professional page of L. Michael Gipson, BFA, MS, a 20-year overview of my professional and academic career and accomplishments. To start, please click on the Home page to see my bio video and narrative. To review my resume, you may also click on the Executive Resume in the above toolbar. Lastly, a small, but incomplete gallery of some video lectures I’ve created as a creative writing instructor can also be reviewed to get a sample of my seasonal online creative writing workshop series and graduate studies action research project. In the meantime, for those of you who know me best for my work in the music industry, check out my podcast series, LMG: The Soul Eclectic’s Mix here and enjoy the best of underground and independent R&B, soul, funk, electrosoul, soulful house, and urban adult contemporary music.